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-in Křížíkovy sady, U Zvonu and U Ježíška
-In case of bad weather, performers can sleep in a school gym. -Water, wood, straw and toilet will be available.
- Campfires only in fireplaces properly isolated from the ground – Ruining city or park lawns is OUT OF THE QUESTION

We will provide:
- for musketeers – registered with a valid application Gunpowder (400 grams per person), Consuming alcohol or any other mind-altering substance is strictly forbidden during the program
-signed safety instructions are mandatory for performers
- beer and roasted pig on Saturday evening
- free tour around the city armory on Saturday
- very likely a free tour around Pilsen brewery and diocesan museum

Army timetable – time will be specified, may be subject to a small change:
- Parades in the old town:
------------ Friday 7pm- a parade of defenders of Pilsen
------------ Saturday 7pm- a parade of victors and capitulation afterwards
- Scenic battles during the event (Will take place in „Proluka“ – last city walls in Pilsen)
------------ 1x Friday at 7:30pm, 2x Saturday at 11am and 5pm
------------ during each of these clashes, we will need around 50 performers participating in attack/defense.
- Sunday 3pm – main battle, storming walls, conquest of the city
-------------We will break the barricades in Dřevěná street, and continue through it all the way to the town square.
-------------This street was used by Mansfeld’s troops in 1618.
-------------The battle ends with capitulation in front of the cathedral in the town square.
-------------Rehearsal on Saturday at 9am. – On Sunday at 12pm big battle – besieging artillery positions in city park U Ježíška.
-------------Battle with cavalry, artillery etc. – Rehearsal on Sunday at 9am.

Required equipment and instruction will be specified, however, the default is equipment dated between 1600-1648
Usage of ramrods (scouring sticks) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!! Anybody using ramrod during the battle will be immediately expelled from the event!
„Bare minimum“ required: Wool, flax, no plastics in army camp...
In case you are not sure about your equipment, feel free send us a photo for review


Battle and camp applications:
Petr „Tot“ Schleiss - (for Czech and Moravian groups, secondarily for Polish and Russian)
607 280 425

Other questions:
Michal „Moše“ Illich - (Foreign troops in English, German, French and Italian only)
724 339 197



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