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16th to 18th November 2018

Friday 16th November – City centre

6pm Army drill
7pm City square parade
8pm Reenacted conquest of Pilsen in Proluka

Saturday 17th November – City centre

10am Army Drill
10:45am dancing group Gloria
11am Reenacted conquest of Pilsen in Proluka
11:45am dancing group Althea
12pm juggler Hubert
12:30pm Army Drill
13pm fencing group Gotika
14pm concert - group Strašlivá Podívaná
14:45pm Conquest of Dřevěná street and town square
4pm concert - group Strašlivá Podívaná
4:45pm dancing group Althea
5pm Reenacted conquest of Pilsen in Proluka
5:45pm dancing group Gloria
6pm theatre group Lorika - show "Monsters"
7pm Winner’s parade around the square, capitulation

Sunday 18th November – City park U Ježíška

12pm Battle - besiege artillery positions

Accompanying program – Historical market, games for kids, historical army camp, tours to Brewery Museum (Pilsner Urquell), city armory and to a museum of diocesan art



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